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Residential Water Use

Water heating is the second largest energy use in new homes after space conditioning (heating and cooling). A paper published last year by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory presents a detailed breakdown of residential water use. The charts below show national average water consumption by end use for new homes. They include the effect of new standards.

The report, titled The Effect of Efficiency Standards on Water Use and Water Heating Energy Use in the U.S.: A Detailed End-use Treatment (LBL-35475) by Koomey, Dunham and Lutz, can be obtained by calling 510-486-6444 or faxing 510-486-6996.

Hot waterCold water

Hot and cold

Saturation Weighted Water Use for New Homes (gallons/day)

                   Hot Water    Cold Water   Hot and Cold 


Sink Filling 7 5 12

Faucet Flow 3 6 9

Bath Filling 10 9 19

Showers 19 14 33

Clothes Washer 7 23 30

Dishwasher 5 0 5

Toilet 0 30 30

Yard 0 86 86

Total 51 173 224

This article appeared in Energy Source Builder #42 December 1995
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