energy source builder

Energy Source Builder

The Energy Source Builder newsletter -- published from 1989 to 1997 -- is filled with nuts-and-bolts information on building energy-efficient homes. It includes design ideas, construction details and product information. Here are articles from some past issues. The information was accurate at the time of publication. However, keep in mind that some information changes with time. An easy way to find articles in the ESB archives is to use the Oikos Search feature.

Issue #54 December 1997

Choosing Green Power
To Save Trees, Cut Wood
Line-voltage Thermostat Study
Residential Construction Waste Guide
Grundfos Efficient Hydronic Zone Valve
Durisol Recycled Content Insulating Concrete Form
Aspen Recessed Light Retrofit
Composite Technologies' Concrete-Insulation Sandwich Wall
Solar Sizer Photovoltaic Design Software

Issue #53 October 1997

ENERGY STAR® Sells Benefits Not Features
Hydronic Cooling
Range Hoods Affect Indoor Air Quality
Ceiling Fans May Increase Cooling Energy Use
Study Says Polyiso Sheathing Cost-effective
Heat Pump for Hydronic
Self-sealing Duct
Manual-on Occupancy Sensor

Issue #52 August 1997

Design Group Plans for Affordable Efficiency
Small, Efficient and Beautiful
Sealing Cantilever Floors
One Stop Information Center for Energy-Efficient Mortgages
Two-Stage Evaporative Cooler
Fan/Light/Heat Combo
New Forced-Air Zoning System
Environmentally Friendly Glue
Revolutionary Clothes Washers

Issue #51 June 1997

Finding the No Extra Cost Energy-Efficient Home
Which Passive Cooling Strategy Is Right for You?
Sealing Side Attics
Remodel Right
Solar Electric Roofing
Stone-Lined Water Heater
Compact Fluorescent Lighting Report
CFL Downlight
Quiet, Efficient Fan/Light
Strawboard for Furniture and Cabinet Makers

Issue #50 April 1997

Earth Smart Urban Living
Lighting Patterns Prove to be Efficient, Affordable and Popular
The Cost of Exhaust-Only Ventilation
Manual J Exaggerates Cooling Load
Setback Thermostat without Programming
Precast, Preinsulated Concrete Wall System
Pressure Relief Grille

Issue #49 February 1997

Island Development Dedicated to Environmental Preservation
Marketing the Energy-Efficient Home
Trial By Fire
Lighting: More Is Not Always Better
GFX Device Recovers Waste Energy From Drain Water
Passive Solar Design and Energy-10 Software
Recycled Shake
Wood-Polymer Lumber
Agriboard Insulated Straw Panels
Lumatech Compact Fluorescent Replacements

Issue #48 December 1996

Habitat for Humanity Sees Affordability in Energy-Efficient Homes
Electric Radiant Heat: Making the Right Choice
Foundation Vision Strip is an Energy Loser
Sizing Air Conditioners
Efficient, Clean-Burning Fireplaces
A New Water-Blown Polyurethane Foam
Retrofit Foam System
Multi-Load Hydronics
Hydronic Design Software
Variable-Flow Grille for Central Ventilation Systems
Hot Water on Demand
Light Pipe Skylights

Issue #47 October 1996

A Simple Test Can Spot Carbon Monoxide Danger
Air Sealing on the Outside
CFL Sales Hit Record
REDI: Database of Green Products
Whole Wall R-value Rating
The Little House
Improved Fanfold Insulation
Non-CFC Air Conditioner
Fog-free Mirror
Efficient Front Loader

Issue #46 August 1996

Southface Carries the Torch in Atlanta
Construction Site Waste: A New Profit Center?
Reduce Basement Air Leaks By Sealing Attic Bypasses
Innovative Foundation
New Steel Stud Design
HVAC: What Homeowners Want
Efficient Under-Cabinet Lighting
CFL With a New Twist
Bash-Proof Foam Board
Solid-State Plumbing Control

Issue #45 June 1996

States Promote Home Energy Rating Systems
Radiant Floors Demand Careful Planning
Underfloor Installation Offers Retrofit Solution
Sources of Air Leakage
Foundation Innovation
Pink Wrap
Another Basement Wall Insulation
X-10 Thermostat
Compact Fluorescent Table Lamp
Foam Inserts for Concrete Blocks
Folding Concrete Forms
Airtight Recessed Light for Cathedral Ceilings

Issue #44 April 1996

Canadian Home Tests Efficiency
Spray Foam Producers Solve Ozone Problem
Energy Star Certifies HVAC Products
Lessons From the Retrofit Front
Forced-Air systems Need Pressure Relief
Roxul Acoustical Batt Insulation
Bild R ConstructionTape
FHP Thermal Saver 2000

Issue #43 February 1996

Radiant Floors Create More Comfort, Use Less Energy
Shallow, Insulated Foundations Lower Construction Costs
Home Energy Ratings Systems Get a Boost
Kraft-Faced Batts: Not In the Shower
NFRC Simplifies Window Ratings
Rockwool Foundation Insulation
Two More Non-Itch Batts
Programmable Control for HRVs
Bug-Resistant Foam

Issue #42 December 1995

Turn to Solar for Lower Heating Costs
Duct Doctors Write Prescription for Efficiency
Alliance Issues State Energy Code Report Card
Residential Water Use
Celotex Drops Blackore
GFX Gray Water Heat Recovery System
R-Control Diamond Snap-Forms
ISO-VENT Vented Roof Insulation
HTI, Inc. Foam and Steel Panel
Plumb Seal Pipe Gasket
Robertshaw Carbon Monoxide Detector

Issue #41 October 1995

Autoclaved Cellular Blocks Cut Labor Costs and Save Energy
Study Shows Exhaust Air Heat Pumps Reliable and Efficient
EPACT Promotes Energy-Efficient Lighting Substitutes
Sealing Soffits
ComfortTherm Wrapped Fiberglass Insulation
Hurd's New Low-e Windows
vanEE's new Supercompact HRVs
Lighting Info on the World Wide Web

Issue #40 August 1995

Environmentally Responsible House Requires Thoughtful Choices
Kitchens Bustle with Efficient Lighting Opportunities
Electric Fireplaces: The Evolution of Fire Takes Another Step
Study Finds Wood Burners Prone to Spillage
AAB Insulated Concrete Forms
More Durable Amofoam
Low-voltage Lamp Adapter
Maxtop HRV Fits in Tight Spots
Poly-Forms Insulated Concrete Forms
More Innovative Ventilation Products from Tamarack

Issue #39 June 1995

2D Lamp Puts A New Twist on Compact Fluorescent Possibilities
Builders Find Niche with Insulated Concrete Forms
High-Tech CO Detection from Telaire
Humitrak Ventilation Controllers
HydroDelta's Dual Compressor Ground Source Heat Pump
Miraflex Insulation
Wall Sheathing Seam Tape
Controlled Ventilation Options for Builders

Issue #38 April 1995

Solar Water Heaters Also Shine in Northern Climates
Foam Sheathing Essential for Steel-framed Walls
Collector Breathes Life into Active Solar Heating
Filling a Floor with Batt Insulation
Santa Fe Complete IAQ System
Environs Combines Air and Ground Source Heat Pumps
Fantech's Quiet Range Hood

Issue #37 February 1995

Software Helps Architects Scheme on Energy
Build Tight, Ventilate Right
Research Supports Benefits of Radiant Ceiling Panels
Super Wall Panels Combine Foam Insulation and Steel Frame
News for Green Builders
NFRC Certifies Heat Loss Ratings for Entry Doors
Hebel Aerated Concrete Block

Issue #36 December 1994

Compact Building Form Cuts Heat Loss
ASHRAE Sets Thermal Correction Factors for Metal Framing
Innovative Design Eliminates Cooling Equipment
Engineered Wall Displays Strength and High R-value
Induction Lamps Challenge Compact Fluorescents
Nutech Ventilation Controls
Quad-Lock Insulating Concrete Forms
R-Wrap Housewrap

Issue #35 October 1994

Panel House Demonstrates Building Innovations
Choose Your Glazing by the Numbers
How Windows Affect Heating and Cooling Costs
Smart Lights
Ozone-friendly Air Conditioners from Carrier
Fantech Heat Recover Ventilator
Lite-Form Folding Insulated Concrete Forms

Issue #34 August 1994

Natural Habitat: The Earthwise House
Oregon Study Estimates Costs of Energy Code
What's In a Wall
Shading: The First Step Toward Natural Cooling
Greenblock Insulating Concrete Form
Fan America's Quiet Fan
Raft-R-Mate Attic Vent Baffle
HydroDelta's GSHP with Year-round Water Heating
Celotex's Insulated Shingle Deck
Thermax HRV's

Issue #33 June 1994

More House for the Money: Energy-Efficient Mortgages
Installing Insulated Concrete Forms
Insulation Values Uncovered
Efficiency Comes to the Laundry
Looking for Ways to Deal with Radon?
More Drywall Backers
Home Energy Automation System
Foam Panel with Plastic Studs

Issue #32  April 1994

Insulated Forms Make Warmer Concrete Walls
Carbon Monoxide Detectors Save Lives
Carbon Monoxide Detectors
Lighting Patterns Promote Efficiency
Fresh Air Plus Filter
Nails for Foam Boards
Occupancy Sensing Thermostat
Ventilation Chutes

Issue #31 February 1994

Sustainable Home is HERE Today
Refrigerator Efficiency Improves
Sealing Chimneys
Air Filters Clear the Air
Three-in-One Heat Pump

Issue #30 December 1993

Steel Framing Offers Thermal Challenges
Green Seal Sets Standards for Compact Fluorescents
Air Sealing Stairs the Easy Way
Research Exposes Attic Ventilation Myth
New Series of Whole House Ventilators
Cellulose Insulation System

Issue #29 October 1993

Fluorescents Get Skinny on Energy Diet
Seal the Bathtub Drain
Installation Methods Reduce Fan Noise
Drywall Backers
Non-toxic Insulation
Flexible Batt
Fresh Air Kit
Latex Vapor Retarder Paint

Issue #28 August 1993

Accent Lighting Adds Drama
Duct Losses Hurt Forced Air Performance

Issue #27 June 1993

Simplicity Slashes Cost
Balloon Framing Key to this Advanced Energy Package
Fireplaces are Fit for a Castle, Not for a House

Issue #26 June 1993

Story-and-a-Half Satisfies Design and Energy Goals
Story-and-a-Half Plans Offer Opportunities and Challenges
How to Make Skylights Glow at Night