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Is your company missing?

A Basic Listing in the Oikos Database is free. Simply send us product literature that indicates the environmental benefits of your building materials or products.
Iris Communications, Inc.
PO Box 6498
Bend OR 97708-6498.
or visit the Contact Us page.

You have the option of providing additional information and customer service through a Company Page. For less than the cost of a newspaper classified advertisement you could be connecting to customers via the Internet.

To be listed a product must have one of the following environmental benefits:

  • save energy,
  • save water,
  • protect buildings from moisture damage,
  • contain post-consumer recycled content,
  • have been sustainably harvested (forest products),
  • promote good indoor air quality,
  • be low-toxicity,
  • be friendly to the ozone layer or
  • make efficient use of limited natural resources.

We also list professionals whose services promote sustainable construction, such as architects, designers, consultants, builders and recycling services.

If you like, we will send you a survey form that allows you to identify the categories in which your company should be listed. When visitors search for information on building materials and equipment, you want to be among the companies they see. Put your company on the list. Remember there's no charge for a basic listing.



We update the data often. During peak times we may put up new data every week. If you returned a survey, but still see old information, it may mean we're falling behind on data entry. In this case you should see the new information within a week.

PS - The Oikos Web site also offers a product gallery, where we post short announcements and photographs. Please add us to your media list, so that we'll have the latest information about your products.

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