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Training Center LEEDS the Way for Naval Green Design

great lakes

The recently completed Bachelor Enlisted Quarters complex at Great Lakes Naval Training Center (NTC) is one of eight initial sustainable showcase projects selected by Naval Facilities Engineering Command to gain experience with sustainable design. The U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Building Rating System was used to define and measure the project’s sustainability in terms of environmental impact, energy efficiency, occupant comfort and other criteria.

The nine U-shaped dormitory buildings house 2,242 sailors in a pedestrian-oriented community environment. Seven buildings, ranging from 3 to 5 stories in height, are located at the NTC site, and two other multi-story buildings are at the Naval Hospital. The fast-track project was completed several months ahead of schedule, enabling the base to meet peak load housing requirements.

To maximize sustainable features in the project, individual products were reviewed for durability, ease of maintenance, and recyclability before being approved. Subcontractors were encouraged to find and submit alternative sustainable materials for consideration and approval.

A key design goal for the project was to minimize energy consumption, using 191.7 kW/m2/year as the benchmark for comparison for a complex the size of this project. The final design reflects a projected energy use of 179.77 kW/m2/year -- a 6% savings. Energy-efficient strategies included increased perimeter insulation (roof, walls, and foundation); high-performance windows; maximum use of day-lighting; high efficiency electric lighting with dual settings; use of the existing steam system for heating; a DDC remote control system; variable speed drive motors on mechanical equipment; and energy-efficient transformers. A comprehensive commissioning program is also being instituted to ensure proper turnover of the building to facility managers and optimal operation and maintenance of equipment and systems.

Throughout the project, a formal process was employed to foster teamwork between the BEQ staff, design/build contractor and contracts staff. By all accounts, the partnering process was a great success. The team really did feel like a team, and relations and communications were excellent.

By current LEED rating system estimates, the Great Lakes project is assured of at least a Bronze medal, and potentially a Silver. “We are also beginning the process of monitoring actual building energy performance and compiling the data to determine the final LEED rating,” said LCDR Jake Washington, Resident Officer in Charge of Construction. To ensure continuity of sustainability goals, Basewide Energy Manager, Mr. Terry Wade was designated LEED Pilot Project Champion. He will work with the occupants and Public Works and to collect and report performance data to the U.S. Green Building Council. Mr. Wade can be reached at 847-688-2795 x107.

February 2, 2000

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great lakes