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Weatherization Tips

Reducing energy waste in existing homes can be a challenge. These illustrated technical tips will show you how to perform some common weatherization tasks. These tips are meant for professional installers with proper tools and safety equipment. Several are also suitable for do-it-yourselfers. Using these weatherization methods, you can slash energy use and save money.

How to Baffle Flues and Chimneys
How to Baffle Heat Producing Fixtures
How to Baffle Heat Producing Fixtures in Dropped Ceilings
How to Install Exhaust Fan Ducts
How to Install a Ground Cover
How to Insulate Metal Ducts
How to Insulate Water Pipes
How to Plug & Seal Holes in Siding
How to Remove Clapboard Siding
How to Remove Shingle Siding
How to Seal Ducts with Mastic
How to Seal Heating and Cooling Ducts