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Press Release: November 2010

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Carmine Vasile  

GFX Specified as One of 14 LEED Measures for Army Barracks

Nearly 15 years after GFX was featured in the1995 issue of Energy Source Builder #42 in an article entitled “GFX Gray Water Heat Recovery System” by Bruce Sullivan, the US Army Corps of Engineers issued a revised building code mandating “GFX shall be provided on all shower drains and Laundry drains.” To date, hundreds have been installed -- or are scheduled to be installed -- in Fort Lewis, Fort Lee, Fort Jackson, Fort Benning and others.

GFX is the 14th LEED measure after: (1) Roof (R-40 in Attics, 0.27 Surface Reflectace), (2) Walls (R-20), (3) Exposed Floors (Mass, R-10 c.i.), (4) Slabs (Unheated, NR), (5) Doors (Swinging U-0.7, Nonswinging 1.45), (6) Infiltration (0.25 cfm/ft2 @75Pa), (7) Vertical Glazing (WWR: 10-20%, TT: U-0.45, SHGC: 0.31), (8) Interior Lighting (LPD: 0.9 W/ft2, Ballast: Electronic), (9) HVAC (AC, Gas Furnace, ERV), (10) Economizer (NR), (11) Ventilation (Outdoor Air Damper/Demand Control/Decoupled Laundry Room), (12) Ducts (Friction Rate: 0.08 in. w.c./100 ft, Sealing: Seal Class B, Location: Interior), (13) Service Water (Gas Storage: 90% Et) & (14) Drain Water Heat Recovery (Showers and washing machines drains only – 30%).


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