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Press Release: Nov. 10, 2009

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Quad-Lock Raises the Bar (Again): R-84 and 14² Walls

SURREY, BRITISH COLUMBIA – Quad-Lock Building Systems, Ltd. is pleased to announce the release of our new insulation product: Extra Panel. As concerns about energy supplies and global warming continue to be debated, one idea remains clear: The best way to conserve energy is not to use it.

Since buildings are responsible for about half of our total annual energy consumption, it only makes sense to design and build them with a lower appetite for energy in the first place. Quad-Lock Building Systems, Ltd. continues its tradition of leadership and innovation with the introduction of the new Extra Panel, which is designed to provide even more insulation value to concrete walls, even as high as R-84.

With Extra Panel, builders of ICF homes can magnify the best features of ICF construction by:

  • Increasing the continuous, unbroken layer of insulation surrounding the structure which protects from the elements
  • Optimization of the thermal mass of a concrete wall by placing a thicker layer of insulation on the outside of the concrete wall

Building envelope scientists agree that our old assumptions about how our buildings perform do not work as we move forward into an era where consumption is replaced by conservation.

Both the concept and the application of Extra Panel are simple: The Extra Panel (R-16) is added in one or more layers behind the exterior panel of any standard Quad-Lock ICF wall during construction. Extra Panels are specially molded to integrate with all other Quad-Lock components, but cannot be mistaken for standard panels. Extra Panels are reversible (in all directions) to make installation fast and easy.

Longer Quad-Lock standard ties (or ones extended with Quad-Lock Extender Ties) accommodate the added thickness of the insulation, without sacrificing the cavity width for concrete. This need has created the added bonus of a new addition to the Quad-Lock product offering, a 14² standard tie. (14² nominal cavity when used with two 2¼² Regular Panels). The new 14² tie accommodates both the Extra Panel and a wider range of wall sizes.

The Quad-Lock system has long been noted for its flexibility and adaptability to any design. The Extra Panel is no exception to that principle. Reinforced concrete walls capable of the highest structural loading capacities can be built to yield insulation values ranging from R-22 to R-38, using standard Quad-Lock panels, and from R-38 to R-84 by incorporating the Extra Panel into the wall assembly.

Applications for the Extra Panel are becoming more apparent. For example, the Passivhaus (or Net Zero Energy building) concepts that originated in Germany are gaining popularity world-wide. These structures are built to standards far higher than most building codes in order to consume as little energy as possible for heating, cooling, hot water and lighting. It was the Passivhaus concept that first introduced the idea of “super-insulation” to the building trades. Extra Panel is designed specifically to fit the Passivhaus, or Net Zero Energy building, models. Other parts of the world are now recognizing that higher levels of insulation than previously thought are necessary to combat severe climatic conditions.

Quad-Lock Building Systems, Ltd. is dedicated to improving our environment by offering the highest R-Value solutions available. Quad-Lock manufactures and distributes Insulating Concrete Form (ICF) systems for walls, floors and roofs and retrofit systems that create an energy-efficient structural building envelope. All Quad-Lock solutions are made with high density, fire retardant expanded polystyrene (EPS), the best value insulating material on the market. They contain no harmful substances and create minimal job-site waste. All product materials are recyclable. Like all Quad-Lock products, Extra Panel is manufactured under the most demanding quality standard in the world, ISO9001, and the leading environmental standard for manufacturers, ISO14001.
For more information on Quad-Lock and its products visit, email or call 1-888-711-5625. We pride ourselves in providing exceptional support to our customers with our team of professionals. Go Green with Quad-Lock!



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