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Press Release: Dec. 8, 2009

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Nancy Hardwick  

U.S. Architectural's Tornado Bollard:
Cool Styling and Energy-Savings In Public Areas

PALMDALE, CA—Adding an “exclamation point” to architectural and landscape design, the new Tornado bollard from U.S. Architectural Lighting offers a modern sculptural approach to public area lighting, along with significant energy-savings.

Introduced in two models – the TNA with asymmetric light distribution and the TNS with a symmetric light pattern – the Tornado’s unique inverted shape provides glare-free illumination to enhance pedestrian safety.

Model TNA (asymmetric) is designed for pathways, curbs and driveways where perimeter lighting is needed. Model TNS (symmetric) is typically placed in open areas where illumination is required on all sides of the bollard, such as civic plazas or commercial centers. Both models are often installed on the same project.

Either model can be specified in metal halide (39 to 100W); HPS (50 to 100W); CFL (26 to 42W); and a new LED system, exclusive to U. S. Architectural Lighting. The optics are concealed within the bollard head but easily-accessible for servicing.

Incorporating a micro-prism lens, Tornado produces a “soft” lighting effect that creates pools of diffused illumination, devoid of streaks, shadows and hard edges, often common with standard bollards.  Because of its reverse taper, Tornado is illuminated by surface reflections from the surrounding pavement to enhance its sculptural design at night.

Tornado’s housing is constructed from durable corrosion-resistant low copper cast aluminum alloy with a 1/4-inch minimum wall thickness. The bollard features an electrostatically-applied polyester powder-coat finish baked at 400° for maximum hardness and durability.

A comprehensive Tornado product brochure is now available by contacting U.S. Architectural Lighting at 800.877.6537. For more information about U.S. Architectural Lighting products, visit the website at

U.S. Architectural Lighting is among the industry’s leading manufacturers of outdoor fixtures for streetscapes and public areas. The company has supplied lighting products to commercial and municipalities for 25 years.  All manufacturing facilities are located in southern California and products are 100 percent made in the U.S.A. to ensures superior craftsmanship, consistent quality and timely shipping.


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